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Here is some additional information about Snapper in Florida.

Mahogany Snapper Fishing Information

illustrations: Diane Rome Peebles

Descriptions: color grayish-olive with a reddish tinge; conspicuous dark spot, about the size of the eye, below the soft dorsal fin, 1/4 to 1/2 of it below the lateral line; the large eye and caudal fin are bright red; lower margin of the preopercle has prominent spur with strong and sharp serrations.

Similar fish: lane snapper, L. synagris (also with dark spot below soft dorsal; the blotch placed higher in relation to the lateral line on lane snapper).

Where found: NEARSHORE or OFFSHORE in clear water, usually over reefs.

Size: relatively small snapper, common to 15 inches.

Remarks: the Spanish name, ojanco, refers to its large eyes; a night feeder, with diet of smaller fishes.

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