This is the Florida Keys fishing report. The report is written by an expert fishing guide with years of fishing experience. Some of the reports in this section cover Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, and Key West areas. The information below will help you plan your next fishing trip or fishing charter.


Florida Keys Fishing Report

Captain Ann Holahan
Date: 3/31/2011

Fishing Report for April 1st, 2011:

I would like to dedicate this fishing report to my Great Friends and Collegues.

I am sorry, my fishing report has been not updated, have been dealing with Family Matters, & now we are back to hit the water and go fishing.

It has been very hot out there for the fishing guides, and the best time to get out is early morning, and just before dusk, you will beat the heat, & have a great catch.

Offshore fishing has been good with a fair catch of kingfish, yellowtails, grouper,amberjack, and dolphin, some have been in the deeper waters of the Atlantic, but have been very productive.

Summer will be here as soon as we know it, and it will start a great time of bonefishing, tarpon & permit fishing.

Don't forget to book in advance, & we are not experiencing any oil spill from the Deep Water Horizon, on the contrary, the fishing is great here in the Sportfishing Capital of the World, so come on down, and enjoy the fishing, diving, and all watersports your family will enjoy.

The Bite is On!!!

This Fishing Report goes to all readers and anglers and I hope to future anglers.

The weather for us has not changed, it is really hot down here in the Keys, temps are in the 80's, no its hard for you snow birds, dealing with the cold Spring, but this should get you out of the cold, & hit the best fishng ever, with the heat index into the 80's, and this pattern should continue for a while. This should definitely warm your hearts, & bring smiles to your faces.

The water temps are in the lower 70's, and the winds have changed to the East and SouthEast from 10-15 kts.

But, we have had a great start for the Sprint Fishing, and we will have great fishing with some great catches and releases of bonefish, permit,some tarpon are around the bridges and channels and in the backcountry, and snook season will close soon, remember everything will be catch and release. Since the major fish kill, the law is to catch and release all species..

Alot of the fish are being caught in the mullet muds in the backcountry, if you don't know what the backcountry consists of, it is very shallow waters located in Florida Bay, surrounded by many small islands, and channels and flats that we fish around the Bay, and Flamingo area, which is a beautiful ride and shows excitement.

Flamingo and Snake Bite has been holding some nice reds and snook. On the high tides, and closer to the Islamorada Fishing Grounds. Using live bait shrimp, jigs tipped with shrimp, and plastic baits, and spoons.

Anglers please don't forget to check out the WWF regulations on the open and closed seasons and make your fishing dates accordingly. I have this information available on my website at

Trout season opened Jan. 1st, 2011, with a limit of 4 per person per day, and 1 over 20", again make sure to check the FWC regulations on your fishing adventures on your own, if your not familar with the closed seasons and open seasons. Closed season for trout will be November and December.

Bonefishing has been a fair this past few weeks, with the calmer winds, and getting them on the right tides. But, they have been on a cruising path, and we have seen a quite a few tails on the outgoing tide, and many groups on the first part of the incoming tides, the latter part of the day, there have been a few tails on the flats on the bay side, but, with the flyfisherman having great casting time this week, and no difficulty in the winds, it has been a great time and challenge to all. But, as the winds pick up, it is going to be a greater challenge for those flyfisherman.

Many tarpon holding up in the channels and on the flats on the high tides, great for our fly enthusiasts, and been seeing and catching some big fish.

Reef fishing has been great with some great catches of yellowtail, tuna, hogfish, and grouper.

Throw a chum bag out and get with the current, you will have plenty for dinner or lunch.

I know fishing can be expensive especially as our economy is not a realiable one, I want to rest assure the anglers a good and fun and memorable time they spend here in the Keys, and to be a cost effective and a fun one too.

Just call me directly, at 305-664-5891, and ask Capt. Ann about some of the fishing packages, and I can make some fishing packages relatively to a selected budget you maybe working with. I am here to help you and ensure you get out on the waters and have some fun with Spring Fishing, and coming into the Prime Time of Tarpon Season.

But, since its Spring, I am trying to get you all involved for our Summer & Fall Action.

I know alot of you are preparing for your kids to get out of school and the college soon, but, take a break from the hoopala and come an enjoy a day or two in Islamorada, it is Paradise, and you will be happy you did so, and don't forget our reservations for next years Tarpon Season for 2011 & 2012, make sure you get your dates together, and come on down and hook one of the most explosive fish on the planet, it is like watching the Space Shuttle taking off.

Our Spring and Summer fishing will come in with a big bang. Just aroung the corner.

Just a quick reminder to my anglers, in case of windy and rainy conditions, I always like to remind the anglers to bring a foul weather jacket, dress comfortably, and always make sure to put a foul weather day in your schedule just in case, you can not handle some of the wind speeds we have had in the past. So, I always ask to keep a foul weather day in your plans for fishing. Also, I like to to remind all anglers to make sure they hydrate themselves with gatorade or propel, and bring good sunblock with them, for the water acts like a mirror and sunburns are not fun when your on vacation.

Flamingo has got limited services, and the store has limited food, drinks, and gifts, at the Marina Store. Canoe rentals are still available, but there is still no gas, so make sure your guides have an extra gas can aboard for that run way back there, there is no gas at Flamingo yet, they are still cleaning up from the spill they had over there, and should have gas in the next few mohts we hope.

Also, I want to let you know I have joined the tagging and release program for bonefish and tarpon, and very excited to work with this great research on how, when, and where all these fish get caught and released in all areas of the waters.

It is an exciting program, and constitutes my catch and release practices.

Don't forget our Spring and Summer Fishing Tournament for Bonefish, Redfish, and other tournaments at hand for the 2011 Season. . Book in advance, so you can get the dates you want for next season too, and don't forget those great fishing packages I put together for one and all, and remember I can make up any fishing package you need.

But, now lets keep the Spring and Summer Dates in our minds, and that Fall is always around the corner as we finish the year out, anglers scramble to get their fishing dates at the last minute, keep in mind to call early for the season, so your ensured to get the dates you want, for we have our repeat anglers, and anglers from all over the World are calling for trips and dates for the 2010 season, and the dates are getting full and or get limited, so make sure you call well in advance for your trips, we want you to get the days you want to fish, but if I get overbooked, I can always try to set you up with other guides, and try to put you in for an afternoon trip or evening trip if available.

We still have days open, so don't hesitate to make your bookings for 2011, no later than the end of Sept. to get the dates you want for 2012. Our repeat anglers start locking in their dates for flyfishing and live bait fishing.

Remember about the closed season for snook too! In Everglades National Park the snook season opens on March 1st, not Feb 1st, the Feb 1st season is only for the Atlantic side, the park has changed the opening to March 1st. Snook season is closed May, June, July, and August for the Park, and for Atlantic Coast June-August. It reopens in Sept. and remember catch and release only. Its a good idea to let them be caught another day.

So, get your gear ready and there have been reports of some large snook.

Also, I want to make perfectly clear to all my readers and anglers again, that I am no longer affiliated with the old marina. If you call there, you will be told I am no longer there, and how can they help you to set you up with one of their guides that are slow, and/or be told I am out of business, or am not fishing no longer, Not True!!

Please call me directly, not there at the Marina, but, for you can reach me directly at 305-664-5891 or 305-664-5793, or 305-852-9230, or you can drop me a line via my email at, and please visit my website at

I am fishing and everyday getting my ribs into strength to show you all that I am back and getting into the realm of missing that fishing while recooperating.

I am exploring new grounds and on my own terms with all my anglers and repeat anglers, and future anglers. Rest assured I am looking forward to getting you on the bow of my boat, and I am back on the water, and enthusiastic to get you all stalking and searching for the best saltwater gamefish available here in Islamorada, Florida Keys.

I will be docked at the Papa Joes's Backcountry Marina, and still have my fishing packages and am pleased too still offer that service, but would like you just to call me directly for all bookings for your group trips, fishing charter packages, daily bookings, corporate bookings, whatever you need I will ensure you get the best service and the best of guides, whether for flats or backcountry fishing or offshore fishing.

Also, there is going to be new, we are trying to put together new packages for offshore and flats fishing and backcountry fishing too.

So, you can get the best of both worlds. Isn't that what the fishing is all about in the Sportfishing Capital of the World.

Lets enjoy the beauty, fish, and most of all the wonderful island chain we call The Fabulous Florida Keys. I also want to let you know I am know offering eco-tours.

You can obtain more information on my website pertaining to the eco-tours, and you can call me with any questions you may have.

When I was out with a rib injury for several months, and have been honest and forthright with all my anglers via the fishing reports and phone calls, and appreciate all the good well wishes I have received. I just want to thank all of you again, that I honestly, thank you all very much that I was happy to have accomodated each and every angler with a well reputable guides. Now I am happy as a clam to get out on my boat, and taking anglers to the choices of fish they are there to sought after.

And I assure you that I will be on the water for the 2010 season, giving the go ahead by the doctor, be careful, as I am being treated for a really bad injury, but the injury is healing and it better, and I may need your help with just a bit of assistance, but I am looking forward to seeing you all and fishing with you this upcoming months. You and I and your party will definitely will not be far off the waters of Islamorada. Again, I am back to work, and ready for my anglers to be back on the bow of my boat searching and stalking any and all saltwater species they would like to go for.

So, please again direct all your phone calls to Capt. Ann Holahan, so your not placed with another guide or told I am out of business, and not rightly given my phone number, so your placed with another guide that is starting out and slow, you can contact me directly, so you ensure I am in business, just a different local, and you can reach me a at 305-664-5891, or 305-664-5793, and you an email me directly at, and aquaint yourself with my website at

Don't mean to reiterate, but Make sure all you anglers coming to the Keys to visit and to fish, especially for the our young visitors and fisherman, have plenty of sunblock, and lots of water and gatorade to replace those lost electrolites we loose through the extensive heat. Most important, don't forget those hats, and breathable clothing so you can stay as cool and comfortable as the temps rise up.

I have to say, this has been an auspicious Spring, and look forward to some Great Summer Fishing!!!!!

Bonefishing is now the time, and has been good and with these moon tides this past week, and the upcoming month, and they will be all over the place on bayside and oceanside, this has been one of the challening months for those screaming reels, and elsuive bonefish, and the bite is getting spotty in some areas and better in other areas of the Keys.

The anglers are getting challenged with some winds and fish that are pushing fast and furious on the flats which can be exhausting and frustrating at times when your seeing the fish, your looking into that catching and releasing some big fish on light tackle and/or on fly, although flyfishing is tough, trying to be the one nailing the big ones.

Also, the bonefishing has been especially good in the late afternoon, and the best bite on shrimp, our Summer shrimp are here, and those delicious shrimp are being gobbled up by all species. Don't forget you can also use crabs for bonefishing, & who knows you may just land a nice permit on that crab. But,you can also use a jig tipped with shrimp, so make sure you use those days that are not too windy and make sure to use them to your advantage.

With flyfishing or dead baits or even small crabs, they are not too fussy, they are opportunistic, and they will eat pretty much what you will toss ahead of them. but we are getting some nice size live bait shrimp, when they are not too big, we can always use but quarter size crabs or DOA crabs have presented to be a great bite for the bonefish, but the best tip, of course on light tackle, is the shrimp, and make sure you go when the bite has been great in the early morning and evening just before sunset.

Remember also, if you have a bonefish on don't horse the fish, let him take the line, and make sure you put your rod in the air as high as you can get it, or you will end up reeling against the drag and lose the catch you long waited for. Then slowly reel the rod tip up and reel down, and repeat as your guide directs you. Always listen to your guide.

Needless to say, the fishing has been good some days and great on other days, but everyday is different here in the Keys, on the flats and backcountry.

I expect the snook season to be productive with some great fights and bites whether on fly or light tackle, make sure you get your gear and baits ready for these true bruisers and stay within the regulation limits. Stone Crab season is closed, but will reopen Oct. 15th, so don't forget to go to your favorite restaurants and have some great crab either jot or cold, and that will leave you wanting more. But closes May 16-Oct. 14th, 2010.

Don't forget the next season tarpon trips for the 2012 season, and is a real experience and a great idea for those looking for some great fights, and to experience the shuttle launching off with these beautiful fish, and what a rush to get one on fly or live bait. Also, it gives you all a chence to see our beautiful sunsets for the wives, or girlfriends, or even for the diehard fisherman that want to duke it out with those expolsive and beautiful fish.

Bonefishing Tournaments and Tarpon tournaments will be starting in the Fall and Winter months of 2011,you bonefish enthusiasts, if you or any anglers interested in upcoming events. Please email me, or give me a call at 305-664-5891, and I will give you all the information your looking for.

I hope all my Readers and Anglers have had a Great Time Fishing and Had Some Tight lines.

But, I want to let everyone know we all had a good time and enjoyed having each and everyone of you all aboard my skiff, and hope to see you all come back fishing.

Every year, I keep saying time surely does fly by and can you believe it, Fall and Winter fishing is right around the corner now, and what a variety of fishing we will all have. So, please don't wait till the last minute to get your bookings in, days do fill up, and I want to give everyone the experience and dates they would like to enjoy the fishing, and even the beautiful birds, dolphin, and islands here in the Keys.

Don't forget to book in advance for any trips you will like to do with the family, spouses, kids, or with your friends, we can set you up with extra boats for bachelor parties, corporate tournaments, family get togethers, friendly fishing tournaments, and most of all, just lots of fun with each other, and the ones you love.

It does get busy in the holiday season, and I would like everyone to get the dates they are looking for. Again, don't forget the Holiday Incentives I am offering for the month of January only.

Even though the Holiday Season is over so fast, lets make it last a bit longer for anglers to be able to enjoy a low price, and some great fishing on the water, in the hard times of money and trying to enjoy a vacation.

Don't forget to go to my website for those great fishing charter packages I offer, and give me a call at 305-664-5891, or drop me a line at, and I will ensure your emails are answered promptly and correctly with any questions you may all have.

Remember we get full fast, and it is good to start planning now, and get a jump on the dates you have in mind, which is also good idea for our fly anglers too. Season usually starts late March, and April and runs through July.

Specifically again, if any anglers are interested in some of the tournaments that are around, we still have some going on, please go to my website for updated tournament information at

Some of the Spring and Summer Bonefish tournaments are available, so if your interested in any tournament information or just coming down and getting yourself a fix on fly or light tackle, don't also forget the Fall and Winter fishing, it is aways a great time for saltwater gamefishing, and meeting new anglers and friends. It is always good to book ahead for this Fall too.

That is the time of year when the flyfisherman and live bait anglers are battling with our glorious saltwater gamefish, whether its bonefish, permit, trout, snook, redfish, sharks, jack crevelle, ladyfish, snapper, or going offshore for the big fish. It's always alot of fun.

It never stops to amaze me the enthusiasm my anglers show whether it is on fly or live bait or even light tackle for our elusive gamefish.

You can get out if the winds are not too prevelent on the flats boat, in which we can get some snapper, grouper, hogfish, porgies, sharks, and yellowtail are being caught up on the patches of the reef.

There are many anglers here from all over the world, challenging their skills from fly to light tackle, which is wonderful to see them enjoy and learn new skills.

Whether you challenge your skills on fly or live bait or light tackle, it is great fun to be out in the sun, and getting that adreline rushing with some really great fish, and releasing some really big fish from all the different species.

Don't forget I also offer Flyfishing Instruction, with the one to one basis, it makes the pleasure of learning the fly fishing techniques alot of fun, and a way to challenge yourself with our saltwater gamefish.

Also, I just added a new package for flyfishing instruction and a half day charter package for anyone interested in a morning fishing lesson and sometime on the water. Just drop me a line, or call me at 305-664-5891, and check it out on my website at

You and your friends and family are not far from the Best Saltwater Action around!

Remember the snapper that you catch, has limits, so make sure you take just enough for a good lunch and dinner, and have fun with your rods bending on the rest.

Islamorada offers some of the Best Saltwater Gamefishing for anglers focused either for light tackle, live bait or artifical baits, or our avid fly anglers, now is the time to be doing your bookings and hopping on the band wagon for some a great time and action, for the morning bite and evening bites.

So, don't forget to get into some of that great Flats and Backcountry Fishing in Everglades State Park is a great way to spend the day fishing, lunching, and enjoying the beauty of the wildlife.

These fish always puts big smiles on the kids and even us grown ups faces when the rod bends on these great reef and patch fish, and what a way to spend an evening for a great meal.

Don't forget I still offer those incredibly great Value Fishing Packages for late Summer and Early Fall, where you can get the best of both Worlds for Flats and Backcountry charters.

So, take a look on the homepage at, and schroll to the Islamorada Fishing Charter Packages and click on the top icon for Some Great Savings!

Don't forget your extra supplies to bring on your trip, please Make Sure You Bring Extra Water and Gatorade or Powerade with you to keep your body rehydrated, and your Elecrolites going, with this intense heat, and the heat index, can dehydrate you quickly with the water acting as a mirror, and sun beating down on our anglers. So, please ensure you have Sunblock, Drinks, and Protective Clothing, to enjoy your morning Flats, Backcountry or Offhsore Fishing.

I am looking forward to a Great Season for all anglers.

Come and challenge your skills from fly to light tackle, to live bait, and sightcasting. Rest assured, you too will be hooked.

Since the Spring Holidays are near, you can still get some holiday shopping done early, I still offer fishing gift certificates that is still a great way of coming down and doing some fishing with your loved ones, friends, college graduates, co-workers, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or just yourselves by getting onto giving one of those fishing packages.

I can make gift certificates, or make up a special package for you, and I also do group bookings. You all deserve a great Get-Away for you and your loved ones.

What better of a place than here in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is the Place for all kinds of Saltwater Gamefishing.

Don't for get the Group Bookings! I can put together any great fishing package for you all, either flats fishing and backcountry, or Flats fishing and Offshore fishing. Just give me a call and I will put together a nice cover letter, and get you all set up for the events your looking to do for your trip on the specific bookings your looking to do, and I can do a gift certificate and also a great incentive to good employees who deserve a get away, and boost a bit of productivity to those who deserve that special few days or for being a someone special in your employ.

So, don't forget to call me at 305-664-5891, and I will be happy to work with you, and make sure you get it on time.

So, lets make sure that you get your plans in order!

Stalking these Gray Ghosts, or Poling for those Powerful Permit, or Preying on those Giant Silver Kings, you have to use a bit of muscle, but the hand and eye coordination on fly is a fantastic challenge for any kind of angler. Or just exciting on Live Bait for the same species on 6lb or 8lb test, what an adrenaline rush.

Please don't forget your flyfishing enthusiasts.

Even if your a novice or intermediate flycaster, I do offer fly instruction, I know it can be a bit trying on the nerves, but once you learn the technique, and you hook up the adrenaline takes over, and your knees start shaking, and the thrill of the line zipping out in less than a minute. It is a true rush. I cannot describe the feeling, until you actually hook up. But, let me tell you, that it is one of the most fasinating, and intriging experiences you could ever have, whether on fly or light tackle, it will have your heart racing, and have a lump in your throat, and a smile on your face, when you hook up! There is no screaming, just your elated face and excitement watching you have the hook up of your life.

Don't forget the Tournament fishing, what a great way to benefit some great causes, and give a little back to some of the less fortunate, and a Great Way to have Fun, and make new Friends.

All of you Flyfishing Enthusiasts, this is the greatest time of the year to come and challenge all our gamefish on fly, the challenge can be quite rewarding, and a great way to get ready for your Fall and Winter fishing. Gives you all great hand and eye coordination, so those who you think are bad, don't think it your eyes that are going, its time to get some lessons. I do offer No-Pressure fly instruction, and love to teach you new techniques to build your skills for the Lake and Stream fishing your doing.

You can book now, for it is the time, I don' mean to be repetitive, but I want you all to get the dates you want in advance for those Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Backcountry Fishing Trips.

Remember, Tarpon season starts late March and runs from April through July for the season of 2011! Book in advance, so you can fulfill the dates you want.

So don't delay to grab your dates and put together a trip and we will let you feel the thrill of hooking up the species of choice, whether its bonefish, tarpon, or permit, you may be the winner and lucky enough to grab that Grand Slam!!!

Whichever you decide to experience, it all has been an exciting and great way to spend a day with the family or with your friends, wife, or girlfriend. All I can say is the fishing has been at its best, and challenging anglers to all aspects of fishing.

So your fishing is not limited to anyone species. With all year round fishing, you just cannot miss, especially the Fall and Winter fishing coming back up, you can challenge a number of species.

Whether your flyfishing for bonefish, permit, redfish, or light tackle fishing for the same species, the effect will have you hooked for years to come, and where else but, Paradise, can we achieve such tremendous catches and releases.

What a great way to enjoy the beauty of the island chains here in the Fabulous Florida Keys! You definitely will enjoy the experience and challenge of the Sportfishing Capital of the World.

If you decide to book a backcountry trip, don't forget before heading out into the backcountry in Everglades National Park, don't forget your cameras to take some grand pictures of some of the most intriguing birds, the beautiful porpoises, turtles, and of course the fish of the day you caught.

I am offering to Anglers for this upcoming Late Summer Fishing Packages to all of those who want to get away from the kids, or bring the kids on breaks, or to just get out of the office, or just to experience some of the off season. Anglers can get a great deal and want to do some great fishing in the off season, great on your pocketbook, it is a great value, check it out on my Rates and Package Page!

I hate to keep reiterating, but I do offer No Pressure tactics, and offer Fly Instruction, and what an experience for either the beginner fisherman, novice fisherman, or advanced fisherman, to benefit a day on the water. It is the growing trend, to stalk these gamefish on fly and what a wonderful sport it is, and a great way for some great hand and eye coordination for you to learn how to cast to these beautiful fish! What memories you and your fishing companion to experience together, or you can make it a family event, and ladies don't forget, we too make it as a great pasttime for ourselves to pick up the fly, and surprise yourself how enjoyable and challenging it really is.

Isn't that what it is all about, the grandure and power of all of these great saltwater gamefish, whether you choose bonefish, tarpon or permit, the memories are there forever!

Ladies, don't forget, you too can enjoy the splendors of fishing on light tackle or fly, and it's a great way to spend the day getting to know the waters and the beauty that happens here in the Keys!

Well, until my next report, tight lines, and Hope To See You on the Flats, and Remember Catch and Release for the Future!

Tight lines, and Keep Reeling, and Hope to See Yah on the Flats,

Capt. Ann Holahan

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