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Fishing West Palm Area
John M
1/28/2006 10:41:37 AM
    Will be visiting my daughter in Feb. Looking for a 1/2 day charter on Feb 13 or 14. Willing to travel of few miles and will buddy up with someone. What fish are running at this time, Dolfin? Does not matter as long we go for game fish, perferably inshore. Can anyone help? Thank you.
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fishing charters for large groups
2/5/2006 3:35:46 PM
    Does anyone know of a fishing charter boat around the tampa/sarasota/ana maria area that can take around 20 people/and also allows children?
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fishing New smyrna beach
2/7/2006 8:00:37 PM
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how to catch fish in the keys
2/26/2006 3:59:16 PM
    We travel to the keys very year andcna never seem to catch any fish. What kinds off stuff do you need to catch fish and when is the best time of day and what tackle do you need? ect...any help?
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2/27/2006 8:58:53 PM
    A few friends and myself were trying to find few good spots at black point.
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fishing license?
3/7/2006 4:55:45 PM
    Is it true that you now need a fishing license for salt water?
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3/7/2006 8:23:39 PM
    Yes, you better have it or else $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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3/7/2006 8:27:34 PM
    Where are the Trout in OZELLO, FL
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fishing lures/ bait
3/8/2006 6:50:59 PM
    Hello all, I will be fishing in Venice(Bays and Backwater) tomorrow and was wondering if anyone can help with a suggestion of what to use as bait/tackle. I'm not sure what the big ones are bytin off of. Any help would be much appreciated!
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3/18/2006 5:51:35 PM
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3/31/2006 7:27:56 AM
    is it illegal to snag a bass
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Marathon Fishing
Jim Millican
4/11/2006 7:50:26 PM
    We will be going to the Keys for the first time ever the second week of May. We will be staying in the Marathon area. We have never fished south of Tampa and would like to know what kind of fish we can expect to find in the flats around that time.
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I want to go fishing!
4/15/2006 12:40:48 PM
    Please help. I used to live pretty close to Jupiter so fishing on an "open charter" was a common way to spend my weekends. Now I live in Lake Worth, and the trip is a bit far. If there are any anglers with a boat, or charters boats in Boynton Beach, Lantana, or Lake Worth, who has room on occassion for a single female angler, I have no issue with paying my way and be ever so grateful for the chance to get out and fish. I have all my own tackle as well. Thanks, Anita 561-707-7789
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red bass
Chuck Pritchett
4/17/2006 11:44:18 PM
    Could someone give me any information on the red bass fishing around the Titusville tidal flats? I'd really appreciate it very much. When is the best time to fish for reds?
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phyllis dodge
4/28/2006 9:32:12 PM
    I live in saint pete florida and have quests who want to go clamming? Does anyone know the best spot and exactly how do we clam ahem>?? thanks
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Looking for Captain John Reid!
Steve Jones
5/9/2006 6:21:00 PM
    Can any one help me locate Captain John Reid? I heard he was in southeast Florida, running a charter.
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John Reid
Steve Jones
5/13/2006 1:47:50 PM
    I am trying to find John Reid. I haeard he was running a 54 Bertram out of southeast Florida. I last fished with him out or Islamorada in the late 80's.
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guided fishing trip
Mike Buckley
5/21/2006 8:21:21 PM
    I'm going to ft walton on vacation, would like to know if there are any inshore charters available for one person (the people i'm going with do not fish)??? Any info in the right direction would be appreciated.
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Looking for fishing buddies
Gary Nunes
6/25/2006 9:08:33 AM
    Well I'm new in Florida and I'd like to do some fishing while I'm here. I know how to target the species in California, but not Floida. Can someone help me out? I'd be willing to split fuel/bait costs. I've already got my license and some gear so I'm ready to go. I'm in West Palm Beach. Thanks.
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6/25/2006 11:45:51 PM
    ok so me and my friend have been going to the sanabel casways(or however u spell it) and we have been catching 12-19 inch spanish mackeral we have caught plenty of sharks a few 3 foot blacktips and a 7 foot nurse.. also there have been alot of trout but spanish mackeral are every where now!!!! and if you like mackeral fishing and live near SANABEL get some live bait greenbacks and such an u should catch some mackeral and have a good time!!! If u happen to go to sanabel email me and tell me how u did ok?
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Ruined seats??????
6/26/2006 11:39:22 AM
    I have a brownish/orange color fungas looking spots that keep spreading on my boat seats. Does any one have any suggestions on how to remove it or are my seats shot??? Thanks.
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John Oakley
7/13/2006 7:33:19 PM
    Are the shrimp in the St. John's River yet? Where and when do they run.
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can you idenify this fish
7/14/2006 11:06:09 PM
    i recently caught a dark brown fish with horizonal stripes running down form the base of the tail to the gill plates if you have any information please email me at
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Talapia Fish
7/15/2006 7:35:13 PM
    Can anyone tell me where to fish for talapia in the central florida region. I hear Lake Kissimmee hold quite a few. Where and Whats the best way to catch them? Thanks.
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South East coast fishing
James Childress
7/20/2006 9:33:59 AM
    Anyone want to fish in southeastern florida West Palm Beach to Sabastian inlet contact me for any help?
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just off the coast of vero beach / ft pierce
7/26/2006 11:49:09 AM
    I just got a boat and am looking to do some fishing just off the coast, maybe a mile out, where are some good spots just off the coast?
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looking for guided fishing trip in February
8/9/2006 1:32:57 PM
    I am coming to Ft. Lauderdale in February. What is the best type of fishing to do? My friend and I will be looking for a guided trip(s)for either the 3rd and/or 4th or the 10th.
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8/12/2006 10:33:01 PM
    were is the best place in ft walton bch fl to catch blue crabs
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Where to go crabbing in south florida
9/1/2006 7:28:43 AM
    I live in fort lauderdale and I am trying to find a place to go crabbing and maybe rent a small boat to go crabbing. If you have any info, I would appreciate it.
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Goliath Grouper Fishing in Florida
Mark Young
9/3/2006 5:17:48 PM
    Where can I find charters that target Goliath Grouper fishing?
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Clammin in s e Florida
shirley lombardo
9/5/2006 4:25:36 PM
    Where can I find a clamming spot in south east Florida?
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Corey Dalton
9/14/2006 5:47:58 PM
    i found a really good crabing with hand lines on palmasola drive in bradenton use chicken gizzard
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triangle shaped head~~what is my fish?
9/25/2006 9:35:08 PM
    caught in the flats near Boca Grande--on the Gulf less than a foot, covered in spots(not a seatrout) mouth full of teeth, body shaped like a lady fish (thin and sleek) most interesting feature~~head shaped like a triangle
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10/30/2006 1:17:25 PM
    what type of fish do they catch off the piers in march in north west florida any info would be greatly appreciated countryhick
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Blue Crabs
11/3/2006 3:59:38 PM
    Where can you catch Blue Pintcher Crabs, same as Maryland Crabs. West Palm Beach, Florida.
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reef conditions and effect on florida sportfishing
Daniel Audet
11/8/2006 1:36:00 PM
    Any knowledgeable boat capt's. willing to be interviewed for major sportfishing mag. article on the condition of florida(only)reefs and its' present and future effect on sportfishing?
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Headboat fishing
11/24/2006 12:09:37 AM
    Are there any HEADBOATS in the area of Cape Canaveral. Looking for Email Address or Name of CAPT. and Boat Name
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Fishing Trip 4 Marlin/Cuda? HELP!!!!
Slick Rick
12/19/2006 2:10:46 AM
    I am thinking about getting my dad a fishing trip for Christmas. I have only been in Florida a year and have gone deep see fishing only twice. I grew up in Wisconsin so I am used to Lake fish like Bass, Walleye, and Pike. I would like to bring my pops down here sometime within the next few months to go fishing. Anyone have ideas for where I should go for some big and aggressive fish? I am from the Vero Beach area. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, RICK
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Anna Maria Island Charters
John H
12/30/2006 9:48:19 AM
    I'm looking for a good charter boat to send my dad on for a trip he's taking in March to Anna Maria Island & Holmes Beach. Thanks
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1/2/2007 9:51:37 AM
    Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx.o
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Re; Feb fishing charter/ Daytona area
Don Dragon
1/14/2007 10:28:57 AM
    I will be in Daytona in Feb (7th-14th) Looking for 1/2 day...2 anglers Enjoyed Mosquito Lagoon last year Experienced "northeast" fisherman What's runnin in Feb.? Thanks in advance Don Dragon
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Mike C
1/16/2007 2:25:59 PM
    I will be in Ft. Lauderdale in mid march. I'm a Nebraska native so I don't have much experience fishing the Atlantic coast. Any recommendations for this time of year? I'm looking for sport fish and wouldn't mind getting a guide, but i would prefer to rent my own boat. I have heard that snook and tarpon/ladyfish are a blast but I don't know when they are in season. Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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Talapia fishing
1/18/2007 8:13:22 PM
    This is the best! Don't find alot of people that want to actually do the fishing. Most Just wanna eat! Talapia is actually starting to arouse now! They seem to be spawning and before you know it, they will be closer to the shore. It is wild because before you know it, they will be closer to the edge. Hopefully you know, they are veggies. They wont bite the hook unless you throw a trebble in the bed, LoL! Anyway, good luck and hit me back w/ the new info! ~Whit~ P.S. Good luck w/ the netting!!
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Best Places In Florida To Go Crabbing or Clamming
2/7/2007 1:44:58 PM
    We will be leaving for Florida in a few days. Can anyone tell me some good places to go crabbing or clamming. Will we need a license and what are the dates?
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Ft Lauderdale area fishing lodgings
2/10/2007 7:50:59 PM
    Am going to be coming down to FL from South Carolina end of march to fish around the Holiday park area and am looking for fisherman friendly lodgings, 5 of us coming down there, looking for some type of condo/long term hotel/suite type of setup. Will have 2 boats on trailers with us. In the past used to fish lake O. and stay at roland martins, but in last few years have had more fun trailering boats down to holiday park and fishing out of there, trying to now find closer lodgings to where we fish that are fisherman friendly, dont want to be pulling into a ramada inn and start to clean a few coolers of bream in thier parking lot!
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Fort Myers Fishing?
2/11/2007 10:21:08 PM
    Hello everyone! I'm from Jersey, me and my honey are traveling to Fort Myers at the end of April, was wondering if anyone had any fishing spots that they would be willing to share with me. We love bass fishing, but I'm sure he plans on going out big gaming it at least once. We are going to be in the Estero? area for a week. Please give me some hints. =) Thanks in advance to anyone that responds to this. Jamie
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Bait / South Pine Island
Jim Thomas
3/14/2007 4:56:23 PM
    Haven't fished the south end of Pine Island. Would like to ask where might be the best spots to cast for bait in that area?
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skyway crabbing
jason read
3/14/2007 9:13:27 PM
    has anyone been to the skyway and can tell me how the crabs have been??
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Fort Lauderdale Fishing - Help Please
3/20/2007 10:34:30 PM
    Hello all, I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to fish out of the port everglades inlet. I have tried 3 times with not much luck. What is the BEST method to put fish on the boat, bottom fishing, drift fishing, trolling? Sorry I am very new to this and am very eager to learn, please feel free to go into detail in email if you can, I greatly appreciate it!
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I want to split Key West charter 4/21 or 22
3/25/2007 2:00:21 PM
    either day - that's a Saturday or Sunday - I'll pay up to 1/2 the cost of the trip - but I get half the fish - otherwise I'll be more than happy to divide the cost by number of people. I would love to get tuna, dolphin or other good eating fish.
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Bonnetheads from Surf or Pier
4/3/2007 5:35:31 AM
    I will be in the Flagler Beach area the last week of June for vacation and want to go after bonnets. I am renting a house on the beach so will be doing lots of surf fishing. I would like to know if I have a batter chance of catching bonnets from the surf or from the pier? Also could use advice about what would be best bait. Thanks all.
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Ft. Lauderdale Inshore
4/4/2007 11:24:52 AM
    We are going out later this week and were wondering what was hitting inshore, and what they are hitting on. I heard that jacks were hitting again where and what are they hitting on. Im sure you dont want to give away the great fising tips but some help would be greatly appreciated.
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HAVE R&R...Will Fish
4/17/2007 8:48:37 PM
    Just jumped onboard and wanted to say this site rocks! If any of you need an extra hand on your next fishing venture hit me up! Been fishing Hollywood to Miami and most of Islamorada for 15+years...Got my gear and make my own PRIMO chum, and got the secret numbers to some great holes (thata get you)..Will contribute to expenses, and chores. I'm self- employed so taking off on weekdays is no problema. Dolphin Bites on off of the CUT! 18 keepers, and 2 AJ's last friday...bring it on _________________ SettingSteel ...and tight lines, fill the cooler
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Need a Good Jacksonville Off Shore Fishing Charter
5/18/2007 10:01:00 PM
    I would like to know if anyone out there can tell me a "GOOD" charter for some off shore fishing out of Jacksonville, Fl.? I want to take my Dad for some large fish on fathers day, next month, and I really want him to have a good time. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks, Phillip
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5/20/2007 2:52:46 PM
    Can anyone tell me of some good crabbing areas around Titusville and surrounding areas. Blue or stone crabs Thank you
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week fishing charter
5/20/2007 2:55:59 PM
    I am looking for a charter boat that does week long charters in the gulf area. Thank You Party boats Hank
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fishing charter
5/24/2007 2:49:27 PM
    We are going to Marathon the 4th of June and we're looking for a fishing charter to accommodate 8 people. Any recommendations? Thanks
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Largo Sound
5/24/2007 7:47:51 PM
    I'll be heading back down to the Keys in about a week and will be fishing a new area, Key Largo. What is the fishing like off the finger channels that lead off the main North and South channels of Largo Sound?
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talapia fishing lakes
Harold Jackson
5/26/2007 8:55:18 AM
    I am planning on a trip to Florida later this summer. I live in South Carolina, and would like to know the closest lake or fishery where my wife and I could catch talapia. We will be in a 34 foot coach so need camping facility nearby.
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Bass Fishing
Kenny Fleetwood
5/27/2007 7:58:49 PM
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looking for best inshore fishing in tampa area
6/1/2007 5:38:12 PM
    well like title says, im just looking for a fun fishing time in the tampa area. will be doing inshore fishing, anything will help guys. thanx..
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6/2/2007 11:12:32 AM
    Out of Port Everglades there is almost everything you can imagine to catch. Spring and summer are great for Mahi, and probably the easiest. Go out to 180 ft to about 300 ft and troll rattle jet lures 4-5 knots per hour (find them at Bass Pro) behind your boat at three different lengths, 100 ft, 200 ft and 300 ft. These will help you locate the school, once you have a fish on bring it to the boat but don't take it out of the water. Have one or two pounds of squid cut up into bite size pieces (chicken nugget size)in a bucket ready to go. Throw a few pieces to the school and then put one piece on a spinning rig with a #5 circle hook with 30-40 lb test. As long as one is in the water the school will stay around and you can catch fish all day, throw back what you absolutely won't eat (usually no more than one fish for three people) so others can have the same fun another day. If you see a floating patch of seaweed, piece of trash (garbage can size or biger), wood pallet, bouy marker or anything that prvides cover then troll around that several times for Mahi, also slow down around it and look for Triple tail fish, have a yellow 3/4 ounce bucktail jig handy and cast it to them, use lighter tackle for this. That's all the free tips ya get, the rest you got to learn on your own, just like everything else, practice practice practice.
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Fishing Help
6/4/2007 3:54:09 PM
    Mike, I am in the same boat. Apparently going out at night and anchoring up on the reef, setting out some chum bags and free lining triple hooked sardines or cigar minnows works pretty good. I am new to this too and not having much luck. Going out to try the night fishing this week and I'll let you know how it is. If you're ever looking for someone to go with, let me know.
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Charter trips
6/23/2007 11:51:40 AM
    I am going to be in Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce Fla between aug 3th and 10th. Does anyone know of a good 1/2day charter company or would like to share a charter in that area. I have never been deep sea fishing and would like to try. Please Email me Dorothy
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Canals in Ft Lauderdale
7/26/2007 10:32:04 AM
    Hi all, Never fished in the States before - more used to the pools, rivers and canals in UK. We are visiting Ft Lauderdale soon and have been told that where we are staying backs onto a canal (Tamarac). Any advice would be really appreciated.
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sailfishing / retirement gift
Barb Russo
8/1/2007 12:19:24 AM
    I'll be in Englewood Florida in later October. I want to surprise my boyfriend for his retirement present, with a sailfishing trip. The dream of his life!!! Can you help me on this one?????? I really want this to be special for him! I appreciate any help and direction you may offer. Sincerely, Barb Russo
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New Smynra Beach Fishing
Dan Martin
8/3/2007 2:53:14 PM
    I decided to try fishing at New Smyrna Beach and maybe catch some sharks. I was fishing in the surf near the lifeguard tower when a woman walks up to me and to ask for a favor. She had to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years old I thought she might be looking for some spare change, but instead she asked me to move down the beach from where I was fishing because her kid was cut on my fishing hook. The beach on the other side of her was nearly empty of people and I told her I was sorry, but I was here first and she could move. The story now takes a nasty turn. A young woman comes up to me and turns out to be a new life guard just starting her shift. She tells me a complaint was made about a swimmer being cut on a fish hook and that an officer was here to talk to me. The previous lifeguard was not involved so I guess the complaint made its way from headquarters. She warned me about the fishing and I gave her my opinion on that matter and she wanted me to come with her to talk with an officer. The officer came down to the beach and it was Mike who had earlier been watching me fish in a ripe current. Mike tells me I was in violation of a safety ordinance that I must remain 50 feet away from swimmers when I am fishing. Mike said a bather had been injured with a fishing hook and a complaint had been filed. Apparently the swimmers have the right of way on a ďSwimming BeachĒ and the 50 feet rule must be obeyed. Mike told me I could see a copy of the ordinance, but he would have to write me a ticket to go with it. I asked Mike if he had a measuring tape so I could mark the beach around me. Mike left to get the tape measure. In the mean time I asked the fisherman next to me, James, about the 50 feet rule and he said there should be a sign posted about it. I had not thought about that but there certainly should be a sign. Mike returned without the measuring tape and confessed he had left it somewhere else. James and I asked Mike about posting a sign and he said that there were too many ordinances to list them all on a sign. Mike said we should access our home computers and read all the ordinances before we come to the beach. James told Mike he did not own a computer and Mike said to call on the phone. I asked Mike why the life guards donít mention the 50 feet rule when we walk by his guard tower. Mike said that is not their job to tell people about the rule. This is beginning to look like a catch 22 situation where you have to know about the rule so that you can ask the life guard about it and if you donít know to ask about the rule the life guard can not tell you. James asked Mike if we had to move every time a swimmer came near and Mike told us that was the case. I decided to risk fishing after moving down the beach and notifying all families near us about the 50 feet rule and they told me that they were not going swimming. James and his wife Margaret resume fishing but I am not getting any sharks. A short time later I notice that James is talking with a new officer, Elmer. Elmer is telling James about a new rule that lets the lifeguard determine if fishing should be allowed. I think someone at headquarters looked up the ordinance and briefed Elmer on how to handle the situation. Elmer has decided that we can no longer fish on the public beach because of the ocean currents and that people around us are being prevented from swimming. Margaret, Jamesís wife, comes over and explains that the two families Elmer is concerned about are hers and a large family from New York who are fishing but not swimming. Elmer said we had to move farther down the beach to the end of a fishing wall. By this time Jamesís mother, granny, has had enough and tells Elmer she is over 90 years old and canít walk that far. I still have my fishing line in the water and Elmer tells me to remove my line NOW. Elmer is packing major heat so we all gather our fishing gear and bit a fond farewell to Elmer.
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Lake Louisa
Ray Jackson
8/19/2007 9:16:29 AM
    Iam trying to find out information on Lake Louisa.If anyone can give me information or direct me to a internet site I would appreciate it.We will be there for the months of Jan, Feb, and March.I only have a 14ft Lund with a 25 hp motor. I am interested in Bass and Crappie. Is there any restrictions for out of staters ?
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Looking for big game fishing charter Dec-Jan
11/4/2007 7:51:21 AM
    I am looking for a big game fishing charter in central florida. It can be on either coast. I have family visiting for new year's week and wanted to take them out but I am not sure what if anything big is running that time of year.
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Goliath grouper and Red Snapper
11/4/2007 7:54:27 AM
    Looking for a charter that targets goliath grouper and/or Red snapper near central Florida around the new year's week.
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Pensacola fishing or crabbing
11/5/2007 9:48:56 PM
    Hello, I'm new to the area. Wondering if anyone can share info on what type of fishing is good this time of year and any tips. Also if crabbing is good this time of year, if so, where would be good places. Thanks.
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Winter Tarpon
11/10/2007 2:36:01 PM
    What would y'all recommend as the most consistent winter tarpon fishery down there? Not looking for huge fish, just numerous shots. Any info would be great Thanks, Matt
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fishing buddy from nov 12 to 16,
ed sabo
11/12/2007 8:51:40 AM
    would like to hook up to fish salt water in estero area. bay fishing is fine. have own boat on long island sound, connecticut, can reciprocate if you travel or vacation that area.
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11/20/2007 7:08:42 PM
    Looking for a saltwater tournament the week of 26 November 2007. Species does not matter. Anybody know of one? Any help greatly appreciated. TB
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HoneyMoon in Sept
11/29/2007 10:38:09 AM
    Hey everyone. I'm getting hitched, and my fiancee actually said she wanted to go fishing with me on our honeymoon! So, we are going to florida and it will be in late September. What is good to fish for at this time of year?? Tarpon? Marlin? Largemouth? Anything hitting hard at this time of year? Any help would be great! Thanks
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12/2/2007 6:11:12 AM
    I'm going to Ft Myers beach in June 2008 when I get home from IRAQ can anyone give me some contact info for a head boat in that area?Thank yuo in advance.
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flcrabs@verizon .net
12/8/2007 12:22:12 PM
    I am in bradenton and would like to know where to go crabbing for blues any where near us and how about on the skyway bridge thanhe Sam
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odd fish
12/9/2007 11:27:23 PM
    Last Sunday I was fishing when an odd fish came up. It was black with a long nose but had a wide body. It looked like a gar but I don't think it was. It kind of lingered about 2 to 3 feet off the bank like it was waiting for the right time to strike. At first glance, with it just sitting there in the water I thought maybe a small alligator but then it swam away. I was however fishing with for the first time with squid. So I'm not sure what kind of fish are attracted that kind of bait.I tried lookig it up online but I can't seem to find it. If anyone has any idea I'd really love to know. THANKS, Taffy
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Where are winter redfish in SW Florida
Tom Stephens
12/15/2007 5:39:21 PM
    Over christmass we will be on Little Gasparilla Island and have rented a skiff to go fishing but we would like to Know what structure to look for or possibly go on a guided charter of the flats in the near-by area. Any hints will help us two Canadians while we are in your most awsome state.
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New To the area
Erik Goddard
12/22/2007 10:58:11 PM
    Hey guys, I just moved from Michigan to Florida, I am an avid fisher, but I don't really know where to start or what to use. I live in the cape, I have tons of canals around my house and was wondering if anyone had any insight on what to use, and when the best time is. Thanks guys, The best way to reach me is email.
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Fishing -Help
12/29/2007 10:03:33 AM
    I'm looking to go salt water fishing on Jan. 5, 2008 with 1 other person in my party. E-mail me with any information and related costs for this trip.
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Fishing in the Dunedin Area
Joe Taylor
1/9/2008 8:14:24 AM
    Hello all. I am new to the Florida gulf coast. I was an avid fisherman up in MD but this is a whole different ball game. I have a solid 21 foot center console and an looking to get on some fish. Does any one have any hints as to where I should go. My boat only holds 25 gallons of gass so I cant go too far. I appreciate any info any one has.. Joe
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ice & gas
1/9/2008 12:19:54 PM
    The new Sunoco in North Palm, across from the golf course has 20lb bags of ice for $2.15 and diesel...bait not in yet...
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1/20/2008 1:16:48 PM
    Can anyone suggest places to go crabbing in St. Lucie County? (centrally located on east coast) Do you use a line or a trap? What kind of bait is used? Do we need a boat? Many thanks. I would like to go crabbing but don't have any idea of where to go. -- Cathi
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escape disney and fish
Jeff Mell
1/22/2008 8:00:39 PM
    hello I'll be in florida at disney and wanted to escape to fish for a day,can anybody point me in the right direction. mar1-9 anything thats bites. thanks for your time.
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Mike Flores
2/5/2008 1:45:24 AM
    I am planning a trip to FL. the first week in April. I would like info on Tarpon fishing at that time ie. best place, also will be in the Keys for the first time, if not Tarpon what other fish would you reccomend. Thanks, Mike
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Grandpa Take Us Fishing
Dave Corless
2/7/2008 9:45:01 PM
    I am a semi-retired school teacher in Summerville, SC (near Charleston). I am gifted at teaching a child (or children) and his/their Dad or GrandPa how to get started in fishing. In our area we have abundant freshwater and Insore Tital Water in which to fish. I begin with catching live bait. Children prefer this because they love to hold minnows and/or small fish. Catching is what's fun and I know how to do that. If anyone is ever coming up this way, contact me via email ( or phone (843-819-3096) and I'll teach you the ropes. You pay only if it's earned. By the way, my twin brother can do the same thing for you in Central Florida. Build fishing relationships and you'll be hooked for life!!!
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what`s my best bet?
joe morgan
2/13/2008 3:43:30 PM
    Hi there! My wife and I will be in Florida 4/5 thru 4/12 this spring, I`ve been there a few times be fore, but haven`t had the chance to fish. I`m not looking for anything special, but it`d be nice to catch something that we don`t have here in Mi. If someone could tell me what should be biting at that time, and where and on what, it would be very helpful. We`ll be flying down, so I can`t bring all my tackle, but knowing some types and colors of lures in advance would be a great help. We`ll be staying near Kissimmee. So if someone can help me "NOT" waste time, I`d appreciate it. Thanks in advance...joe............
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2/23/2008 11:46:41 AM
    Tarpon are in fort myers florida... I just recently cought a Tarpon about 130lbs:180lbs 5 1/2 ft 6ft. fought him for about 1Hr 30 min. In about 4-12 foot of water... It was Crazy Because we weren't really fishing for tarpon but it just so happen that there were 2 around us... A friend of mine saw one in the distance and so i threw out a 4" Yuozzie minnow 3 treble hooks. Second cast threw out and by god there was a tarpon on... (Light action reel and rod 30lb leter) It was great i have a a video of it jumping out of the water and us goin crazy... But, YOu just never know what is out there...
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head boats
hank murray
3/7/2008 4:38:04 PM
    Is there a marina in Naples fl area that has headboats? Does anyone know about Captains that offer split charters?
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3/11/2008 10:11:40 AM
    i am entering in the redfish round up in jacksonville, fl and i need to know where to fish on a rising tide. should i fish holes next to tidal areas or areas that are protected from wind, etc..
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Guest Speakers
3/26/2008 10:45:56 AM
    I have recently formed a Fishing Club in St. Petersburg. The club is called Reel Fishing Lovers Meetup. We need volunteer Captains or Fishing experts to speak at our monthly meetings. We meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm starting in June. The topics can be about anything pertaining to fishing. If you are willing to be a guest speaker for our club please call 727-871-0006 Thank you. Jackie
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Big Red's
Kurt Wolhuter
4/14/2008 6:46:46 PM
    Went out fishing on Saturday with my boat, took 4 dozen Shrimp and fished by Johns pass, {St Pete} Question? I got smashed up twice, although I am fishing light tackle 6 -lbs line I was able to fight these monsters for a while. One time it seemed like a "Red" surfaced about 50 yards from my boat.This was BIG, I know the Reds are thinning out but could this be a RED or ? Could someone fill me in on what's with the same colouring as the RED is out there this time of year? Thanks
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blue crab
6/17/2009 10:11:12 PM
    me and my family just moved here from rhode island palm coast florida or flagler beach(florida) i love to go blue crabbing were is a good place around here or is there a place some what close. any info is really appreciated.
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