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Here is some additional information about Big Eye Scad in Florida.

Big Eye Scad Fishing Information

illustrations: Diane Rome Peebles

Description: eye very large – diameter greater than snout length; no detached dorsal and anal finlets; two widely separated fleshly tabs on inside of rear edge of gill chamber; scutes present only on rear part of lateral line.

Size: to 60 cm (2 ft.)., but usually less than 30 cm (1 ft.).

source: wikipedia
The bigeye scad (Selar crumenophthalmus) is an oceanic fish that is found around the globe in tropical regions. Other common names include chicharro, charrito ojón, purse-eye scad, coulirou, and goggle-eyed scad. Bigeye scads are fished commercially and are very important to aquaculture.

Bigeye scads are blue-green or green on their backs and sides, with a white underside. They grow to about 15 inches (38cm) long and feed on small invertebrates, fish larvae, and zooplankton. They are a schooling fish, mostly nocturnal, and prefer clean, clear insular waters.

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