This is the southeast Florida fishing report. The report is written by an expert fishing guide with years of fishing experience. Some of the reports in this section cover Stuart, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami areas. The information below will help you plan your next fishing trip or fishing charter.


Southeast Florida Fishing Report - Fort Lauderdale

Captain Andy Roydhouse
Date: 11/14/2007

Fort Lauderdale fishing has really been impressive over the past week. The baitfish have been everywhere and wherever the baitfish are, the big ones are soon to follow. Sailfishing has been just plain awesome. There’s just no other word to describe it. A lot of the fishermen are catching them out of the kite on live baits, but all my sailfish over the weekend were caught trolling. Fishing just on the outer edge of the reef, I caught 7 sailfish in 2 days of fishing. That’s a healthy number of sailfish for Fort Lauderdale charter fishing. Besides the sailfish, there’s a lot of action on the reef and the bottom. We’ve been hitting schools of kingfish and mahi mahi here and there. We’re catching little flurries of fish that show up when you least expect them to. The drift boats have been coming in with the same caliber catch as the sportfishing boats have been catching. Big 20 pound dolphins, smoker kingfish and some decent sized wahoos have been the catches of the week.

On one of our best snapper trips on the Catch My Drift this week, we caught 150 vermilion snappers. Every one of them was big enough to keep and some of them were close to 5 pounds. We were just deep dropping on some good bottom spots we hadn’t fished in a while and the conditions were perfect. We had a perfect drift and the wind was light. The boat just hovered over the spot and we were able to just catch them one right after the other, for a long time. The guys were bringing them in 2 at a time and after all was said and done, we had caught 150 vermilions. When we got back to the dock, did our photos and the crew went to work on cleaning the fish. It took them almost 2 and a half hours to filet all those snappers. Well, it was a great day of fishing out there and that was only one trip this week. There were some other good trips that brought in great catches of dolphins, and another really good catch of lots of kingfish and a 60-pound cobia. Great fishing all around in South Florida this time of year. All the boats are coming in with good catches, not just us. That’s why this is one of my favorite times of the year. Sea you on the ocean….

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